April Cunningham

Professional Coach

I am a lady leader committed to empowering women to level up their lives! I want to free you to peel back the intellectualized, overgrown fear so you can JUST KNOW that you are THE ONE. The One who needs to bring you - the unique, authentic, only-one-you-in-all-of-time - to the world. You deserve to be heard, seen, felt, known for just how boss you are.


April Cunningham, Health & Life Coach

Some of us are in the left lane. We move swiftly and surely by intellect, intuition and a precious spirituality. We desire and demand to live an individualistic life, a curated one. We can’t ignore the wild, fiery call in our hearts to do something ELSE. ELSE is where we live. If this resonates and you want help to get on with that ELSE, we should talk. I see you.

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