Ravon Ruffin

Co-founder & Creative Manager

Urban sustainability, digital culture and Black Feminist discourse are the lenses through which she seeks to redefine the museum as a community space. She is interested in the acts of self-preservation social and digital media platforms inspire.


Amanda Figueroa


Amanda is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Harvard University. Her dissertation focuses on the role of exhibition design in audience engagements with art by Latina artists. She believes that public art education is the future of civic education, and the fastest path for community development.


Brown Girls Museum Blog

Brown Girls Museums Blog (BGMB) is an online platform and consulting agency, created with the objective to promote the visibility of people of color in museums, and to support emerging professionals in the humanities. BGMB encourages people of color to make space for themselves in the museum, and engage in critical dialogue toward greater diversity and cultural equity.

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