Natasha Coco Benitez

Health & Life Coach

I was 278 lbs at my heaviest weight, uncomfortable in my body and saying “no” to many things in life I wanted to say YES to. That was then. Now, I coach weekly, hour long sessions with women covering topics in : 1) Our body image and where our story started 2)Emotional and stress eating 3)Feeling “stuck” in an unfulfilling career or an unhealthy relationship 4) Negative self talk


Coach with Coco

Hi, I am Natasha Coco Benitez, I help professional women in their 30’s and 40’s embrace their personal power by phasing out habits of overthinking, over-stressing and feeling stuck and I coach them towards a stronger mind and healthier mind and body! My 90 Day Total Mind & Body Program and My Cleanse/Detox Programs both provide private coaching sessions curated for you!

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