Keyonna Jones-Lindsay

Founder + Executive Director

Keyonna Jones-Lindsay, born and raised in Washington D.C., opened Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center in August of 2015, located at 3200 MLK Ave. SE, with a mission to bring something new and necessary to the Ward 8 community in the District of Columbia. She also serves on the board of Community College Preparatory Academy, the first adult charter school East of the River.


Congress Heights Arts + Culture Center

Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center (CHACC), was established to explore arts and culture of people of the African Diaspora (descendants of people from Africa), specifically, communities of African Americans, residing East of the Anacostia River. CHACC’s purpose is to develop and expand cultural and artistic opportunities for residents, beginning in Ward 8 and expanding to Ward 7.

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3200 MLK Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20032