Alia Khan



East Side Yoga

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"I'm a recovering-attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and after a long and winding journey, i am incredibly grateful to be living my dream life. i practiced for nearly five years as a big law associate before jumping ship to build a career that truly suits my strengths and passions, and 3 years - and a few other careers - later, east side yoga was born!

i've been practicing yoga since 2008, and i'll be perfectly frank: my journey as a student involved sifting through a lot of hippie-dippie nonsense to get down to the really powerful stuff that makes yoga worth doing.

i opened east side yoga to share my version of the yoga practice with people who i think will appreciate it too. from the moment you walk in, you'll notice that we do things a little bit differently from other yoga studios. and i think you're going to like it.  "

Event Space
518 10th St NE
Washington, DC 20002