Ty Asfaw

Environmental Scientist

Ty Asfaw is Co-founder of EvolveGreen and has extensive experience as an Environmental Scientist focused on policy development, green development, engineering and clean energy, and water resources management. She has led development of water policy and informed industry and government on environmental policy decisions. She has developed and applied tools and information, to engage business, NGOs.


Larissa Mark

Larissa Mark, Ph.D., is the co-founder of EvolveGreen, She has worked in the educational arena for well over 20 years and has worked specifically in the environmental arena supporting the public and private sectors for over 10 years.



EvolveGreen is a small, women-owned environmental consulting firm that provides services to businesses, academia and nonprofit organizations on environmental policy and educational needs. EvolveGreen focuses on regulatory participation, policy analysis and compliance assistance with environmental regulations. We focus particularly on climate resilience, clean energy, and water resource management

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