Cecilia Calvo

Managing Director

After a career in political campaigns, as an appointee in the Clinton administration at the Corporation for National Service, and as a nonprofit leader, Cecilia has been an independent consultant since 2001. Through MindFarm, Cecilia continues to support the nonprofit sector by placing highly experienced consultants with the organizations that need them.


Andrea Fuller

Founder & CEO

Andrea created MindFarm in 2006 to connect highly experienced consultants with the organizations that need them. The original idea was to help working mothers who wanted to continue their careers in a more flexible manner, but expanded to serve all who wanted to build a successful independent consulting practice. Andrea has built several successful businesses and is passionate about helping women work on their own terms.



At MindFarm, we connect the best, most experienced independent consultants in their fields with the non-profit organizations that need them, quickly and cost effectively. MindFarm sources senior talent capable of making an immediate impact on businesses by engaging consultants for interim executive positions, project-based assignments, and professional part-time engagements.

Professional Services
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