Simone Jacobson

GM & Owner

I am a multipotentialite, writer, restaurant manager, performing artist, project manager, and community organizer with a strong passion for empowering women, Asian American advancement, and the arts. I am also a co-owner of Toli Moli, a woman-owned family business on a mission to sweeten snack time (read more at


Toli Moli

Toli Moli is a mother-daughter falooda shop serving Burmese noodles and sweets. In Burma, “toli moli” means “a little of this, a little of that.” Falooda is a layered dessert drink found in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We combine classic regional flavors with modern inspirations. #FaloodaNation is for everyone around the world who loves this sweet treat as much as we do.

Accommodation & Food Services
1309 5th St. NE, UNION MARKET
Washington, DC 20002