Melissa Richardson


As a self-proclaimed zodiac freak, Melissa channeled her love of astrology into a social platform for other astrology enthusiasts. Thereafter, slowly venturing into crystal healing and essential oils, she began crafting her own concoctions for a stress-free, high vibrational life. This help ignite her passion for creating and sharing a blueprint for a high-vibe life.


Zodiac Freak

Zodiac Freak specializes in high vibrational goods for the mind, body, and soul. Our belief is that happiness is an inside job and that self-care is essential for optimal mental, physical health and well-being. Some of our products include sage smudging kits to clear stagnant energy and bath bombs infused with essential oil and herbs to de-stress after a long day.

10095 Washington Bouelvard, #531
Laurel 20723