Amber Watson

Cofounder and CEO

I am the cofounder and CEO of the DICE Leadership Group. I believe that succeeding in diversity and inclusion means building a capacity for compassion, and understanding that the goal is not consensus, it's respect. We are helping people create focused time and space for genuine dialogue and connection.


Michaela Hall

Cofounder and Director of Marketing

You're awesome. Seriously! I'm not just saying it. I truly appreciate the uniqueness of each individual and the something special you add to this world. Isn't it funny how we spend so much time trying to stand out so we can make an impression and land our dream job, but once we get the job, we're expected to fit in? Ridiculous! Let's work together to change corporate culture for the better.


DICE Leadership Group

What started as a yearning ー a plea ー for more thoughtful conversation on diversity and inclusion, has since grown into a collective movement championed by three creative women of color passionate about creating safe spaces where discussions and problem-solving are more inclusive, collaborative, genuinely curious, and successful in landing collective solutions that work.

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