Kelli Kedis Ogborn

President & CEO

Kelli specializes in building coalitions to foster and influence discussions around technology and its broader market applications—specifically focusing on the language and cultural barriers between government funded innovation and the private sector. She has the unique capacity to identify and articulate challenges and aid others in mitigating potential pitfalls.


Kate Lucey

VP of Language Science and Communication

Kate is a sociolinguist, an expert in how language is used in interaction. She applies that knowledge by helping companies, from multi-million dollar corporations to sole proprietorships, improve their communication, and ultimately their relationships, with their clients. She has experience in website content development, client feedback analysis, team leadership coaching, and communications.



At its core, H.S. Dracones helps individuals and companies understand where they fit within their ecosystem and better position themselves within that context. Heavily rooted in the human side of technology, our consulting firm specializes in innovation strategy and integration- helping the science-minded build businesses and translate their technology for maximum adoption and impact.

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